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Things To Know About Your Insurance

  • According to Minnesota state law you have the right to choose any repair shop to fix your vehicle. Once you've chosen a repair facility and informed the insurance representative, it's illegal for them to try to influence you to take it somewhere else.

    • Minnesota Statute 72A.201, Subd. 6​

  • Insurance companies may try to influence your shop decision through false scare tactics including:

    • We cannot guarantee the work performed at that shop. Freeway offers a lifetime warranty on all repairs.

    • We cannot find that shop on our list.

    • Your repairs may be delayed up to a week by not choosing a preferred shop.

    • You may incur additional charges by choosing your own shop. 

  • You do not need to get more than one estimate.

    • Once you choose your repair facility simply drop off your vehicle with a claim number and the shop can handle the rest.

    • You do not have to travel to an insurance claims center. Insurance companies have representatives that will go to your chosen repair facility.                                                                            

  • Your insurance company is required to have your vehicle repaired to pre-accident condition using original equipment parts (OEM). 

    • Insurance companies must pay for parts of like, kind, and quality. You do not have to agree to aftermarket parts.​ 

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